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27 Interesting and curious bullfighting facts

bullfighting facts

With this bullfighting facts you will learn the basic things you should know about bullfights in Spain before attending one.


FAQ about bullfighting, Spain’s oldest tradition

When referring to bullfighting, Spain is the mecca. In fact, bullfights are considered a quintessential element of the country’s culture. As a visitor, it’s a unique experience in which you’ll get caught up in the spectacle, color and crowd noise as soon as the spectacle begins.


What is bullfighting?

What is bullfighting? This Spanish tradition is a performance in which a bullfighter faces a bull according to a set of rules and guidelines.


The bullfight awards

bullfight awards

The bullfight awards, or trofeos, indicate that the matador has achieved a successful fight (faena). They are very important for the matador because they are proof of their bravery and art while performing the fight.


Glossary of bullfighting terms

bullfighting terms

Ernest Hemingway was a master using bullfighting terms and described a corrida as “the only art in which the artist is in danger of death and in which the degree of brilliance in the performance is left to the fighter’s honor” in Death in the Afternoon.


Who are the bullfight participants?

bullfight participants

The bullfight participants are always the same and you will easily recognize them by looking at how they are dressed. Each one plays a role during the corrida and all must be part of the paseíllo, a parade that takes place at the beginning of the spectacle in which the participants are presented to the crowd.


A brief history of bull fighting in Spain

bull fighting in spain

Bull fighting in Spain has been at the heart of culture for centuries. From the prehistoric bull worship and sacrifice to the modern bullfights, this is probably one of the best-known popular customs around the world.