Granada hotels: where to stay in Granada

granada hotels

Choosing the right Granada hotels, holiday property or hostel for you can make or break your experience! With that in mind, I’ve put together this ultimate guide on where to stay in Granada to help you make the best decision according to your needs, tastes and budget.

A quick note before you start

Before you continue reading, I am fully aware that suggesting a hotel for a friend or a relative is not always easy, not to mention for someone I’ve never met before.

You, as any other traveler, are unique and thus have different expectations and needs. That’s why there are no magic formulas. Some solutions may suit a person while not satisfying another one at all. That’s why this guide is only a list of tips, and does not provide universal choices.

You may be among those travelers that simply use their hotel as a place to sleep at the end of the day. On the contrary, you may believe that the hotels you pick are going to be an important part of your trip.

And then, there is the budget issue. Are you a rather frugal traveler or do you prefer to spend a little bit more on lodging rather than museum tickets or eating?

As you can see, it really depends. What some of you consider a luxury might be a basic and non-negotiable need for others.

Keeping this in mind, take these lodging suggestions as general orientations and decide if they suit your travel philosophy.

In addition to this, have a look at this complete guide on how to choose the best accommodation in Spain.

Book your Granada hotel

Granada has a huge range of hotels, hostels and apartments to suit all budgets.

As well as browsing my Granada hotel choices, it’s worth searching at and seeing if there are any special discounts or special offers available for the dates of your stay. You can also read reviews of Spain hotels written by previous guests.


Here are my personal recommendations for Granada hotels.

The best places to stay in Granada

After staying in Granada countless times for work and pleasure these past years, I have seen the wide variety of Granada’s hotel options.

So whether you are in Granada for a couple of nights while seeing the Alhambra, or staying for a few days to explore both the city and its surroundings, this selection of the best places to stay in Granada can help you choose the hotel or accommodation that suits you best.

The best places to stay in Granada »

Best luxury hotels in Granada

500 years ago, when the Moors were driven out of Granada, Boabdil, the last sultan, is said to have wept as he turned his back on his beautiful palaces, – the Alhambra complex. Looking at the city today, it’s easy to understand his grief.

If you want to feel like Boabdil, have a look at my personal recommendations on the best luxury hotels in Granada…

The best luxury hotels in Granada »

Best boutique hotels in Granada

The city’s cozy, cobblestone streets are lined with bohemian bars, hip tapas bars, jazz clubs, and looming baroque churches. Also tucked along the narrow streets are exquisitely renovated boutique hotels.

Check out my expert picks for the best boutique hotels in Granada and choose the one that suits you best!

The best boutique hotels in Granada »

Holiday properties in Granada

It’s a fact that more people choose self-catering when travelling in Spain than any other kind. It’s also true that there are literally tens of thousands of holiday properties and self-catering apartments in Spain to choose from.

I felt that finding your perfect holiday property should be easier, and a bit more enjoyable, so I’ve sourced a hand-picked selection of the best apartments to rent around Granada. Take a look and see what you can find – and when you’ve been, come back and tell me all about your trip!

The best holiday properties in Granada »

Best mid-range hotels in Granada

These hotels in the mid-range and affordable luxury category are our hand-picked gems that offer excellent value due to their fantastic locations and/or superb facilities and amenities compared to similarly rated properties.

The mid-range hotels listed here are all great choices, so your decision should be based largely on where you want to be based.

The best mid-range hotels in Granada »

Best budget hotels in Granada

Still looking for a central hotel at a price that won’t break the bank? Look no further – I’ve got a carefully chosen selection of cheap hotels in Granada that will suit your needs. I selected these hotels for their affordability and their convenient locations, and include a wide choice of options across the city center.

My list of best budget hotels in Granada presents fun and flexible options in quite a few different areas.

The best budget hotels in Granada »

Best hostels in Granada

I’ve lined up the top 5 ones when it comes to the best hostels in Granada, to guide you in your quest for the perfect accommodation in the city.

Naturally, I couldn’t include each and every single awesome hostel in Granada, since the city is filled with budget-friendly lodgings at every corner, but I think I got pretty close. I based my research on my personal expectations of what I expect out of a great hostel in Granada.

The best hostels in Granada »

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