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spain hotels

Choosing yours among many Spain hotels is, along with the purchase of plane tickets, the most critical decision of your trip.

You should search thoroughly to pick the lodging options that best suit your needs – and your wallet!

A quick note before you start

Before you continue reading, I am fully aware that suggesting a hotel for a friend or a relative is not always easy, not to mention for someone I’ve never met before.

You, as any other traveler, are unique and thus have different expectations and needs. That’s why there are no magic formulas. Some solutions may suit a person while not satisfying another one at all. That’s why this guide is only a list of tips, and does not provide universal choices.

You may be among those travelers that simply use their hotel as a place to sleep at the end of the day. On the contrary, you may believe that the hotels you pick are going to be an important part of your trip.

And then, there is the budget issue. Are you a rather frugal traveler or do you prefer to spend a little bit more on lodging rather than museum tickets or eating?

As you can see, it really depends. What some of you consider a luxury might be a basic and non-negotiable need for others.

Keeping this in mind, take these lodging suggestions as general orientations and decide if they suit your travel philosophy.

In addition to this, have a look at this complete guide on how to choose the best accommodation in Spain.

Spain has a huge range of hotels, hostels and apartments to suit all budgets.

As well as browsing my Spain hotel choices, it’s worth searching at and seeing if there are any special discounts or special offers available for the dates of your stay. You can also read reviews of Spain hotels written by previous guests.


Here are my personal recommendations for Spain hotels, broken down by destination.

Barcelona hotels

With a wide range of affordable, good-quality 4 and 5-star hotels on offer, it won’t be hard to decide where to stay in Barcelona. From sleek and modern buildings to restored 19th century mansions of the Barri Gòtic, the best hotels in Barcelona are available to every budget and personality. Prices rise during the peak travel seasons, so plan ahead.

Obviously, the more affordable options can usually be found outside the city’s tourist zones, which are easy to access thanks to good public transportation. So regardless of whether you are looking for a luxury stay, a small boutique guesthouse, or something in between, my selection has you covered.

Here are what I consider the best Barcelona hotels.

Cordoba hotels

If you plan to visit this wonderful and historic destination, you will experience unique cultural attractions and sights, and a vibrant nightlife.

Ah, but where to stay in Cordoba? With 800+ distinct accommodations spread amongst the city’s old city center and the more modern areas, there are so many places to choose from! It can be a bit difficult to narrow down the best Cordoba hotels!

Granada hotels

Choosing the right Granada hotels, holiday property or hostel for you can make or break your experience! With that in mind, I’ve put together this ultimate guide on where to stay in Granada to help you make the best decision according to your needs, tastes and budget.

Madrid hotels

Today, Madrid’s hotels, thanks to increasingly strict laws and well-planned renovations, include some of the finest in the world, ranging from grand luxe bedchambers fit for a prince to bunker-style beds in the hundreds of neighborhood hostales and pensiones (low-cost accommodation).

Would you like to know what are the best Madrid hotels?

Seville hotels

Seville, a true favorite of many travelers, is a beautiful city. In terms of hotels in Seville, you will find the choice among all sorts of accommodations!

Finding the best hotel for your stay in Seville begins first by deciding the area or neighborhood in which you want to spend your holidays. Having said that, I suggest you walk away from the Cathedral to find the best hotels in Seville as this is the most touristy area of the city.

Here is my personal selection of Seville hotels.

Start planning your upcoming trip to Spain

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