Top destinations in Spain: the best places to visit

destinations in spain

What are the most attractive destinations in Spain? Yes, I’m talking about the ones that you definitely include in your travel planning.

I know, I know…

That’s the first question you’re asking yourself right now. You haven’t booked your tickets yet and you need to know where to start.

Oh! Sure, Barcelona and Madrid have stuff like airports, world-class museums, famous sports teams, and amazing restaurants that will serve you incredibly delicious food. But Spain’s a big country, and there’s plenty to see outside those two big cities.

From the white towns of Andalucía to the sandy shores of the Costa Brava, Spain has also a fair share of beautiful overlooked places. And all worthwhile destinations in their own right.


I hope all of my content regarding all these destinations in Spain will help you plan your trip. Enjoy Spain!

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