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Essential guide to bullfighting in Spain

bullfighting in spain

Bullfighting in Spain became popular at the end of the 18th century. It’s certainly one of the best-known Spanish customs as well as an important part of the country’s history and culture.


How to buy your bullfight tickets

bullfight tickets

Trying to get bullfight tickets can be a challenging task. Depending on the bullfight you want to attend, you risk waiting in line for hours, not being able to communicate with the ticket office staff and explain them where you want to seat or ending up with not very good tickets with poor visibility…


Spanish bull fight preliminaries

spanish bull fight

Before the Spanish bull fight starts, there is a preliminary phase in which the matador and his team work the bull with their large while carefully appraising its agility, intelligence, dangers, sight and, most importantly, its strength.


Third Spain bullfighting stage: tercio de muerte

spain bullfighting

During the third Spain bullfighting stage, the tercio de muerte, the matador faces an incredibly difficult challenge and the most dangerous moment of the corrida. He must confront the fighting bull and kill it elegantly.


Second Spain bullfight stage: tercio de banderillas

spain bullfight

The second stage of any Spain bullfight is the tercio de banderillas, during which banderillas (barbed darts decorated with colorful ribbons) are placed in the bull’s morrillo (a complex of muscles over the shoulder and neck).


First Spanish bullfighting stage: tercio de varas

spanish bullfighting

In an authentic Spanish bullfighting the tercio de varas starts right after the bull enters the ring. Its purpose is to weaken the bull’s powerful neck muscles.


Understanding Spanish bullfight rules

spanish bullfight rules

Understanding Spanish bullfight rules is essential if you want to understand what goes on at the bullring during a bullfight.


How to watch a bullfight

how to watch a bullfight

You probably don’t know how to watch a bullfight. Or you may even not know if you actually want to attend one…


Bullfighting festivals in Spain

bullfighting festivals

This bullfighting festival calendar includes the most important bullfighting events in Spain. It can help you organize your itinerary according to the dates the different events take place.


7 Bullfight tips to make the most out of the experience

bullfight tips

Thanks to these bullfight tips you will make the most out of your experience of attending a such a colorful and lively event.[…]