A complete guide to Cadiz


If you are into history, Cadiz is the city for you! Its locals, Gaditanos, insist that their charming coastal town is the real deal. And it seems archaeologists have confirmed it too, recently discovering walls dating from the 8th century BC.

It is certainly the oldest continually inhabited city in Spain and one of the most underrated corners of Spain.

Vivid green water dotted with fishing boats, white buildings as far as the eye can see, skinny cobbled streets running from one side of the peninsula to the other, and a buzzy, local vibe with characterful tapas bars on street corners.

So what is Cadiz like? Well, it’s historic. It’s quaint.

But it’s tall, grand and graceful. It’s a city that, while it may be old, it appears to be gleaming from a fresh coat of paint.

That fresh coat of paint came thanks to the influx of money in the 18th century when trade with the Americas (which was conducted through Seville) became inaccessible due to the Guadalquivir river silting up. As a result, Cadiz enjoyed 75% of the Spanish trade with the American colonies. The city you see today really came alive in this golden age and most of the impressive structures in Cadiz date back to this period.

On top of it, Gaditanos are known throughout Spain for their acerbic, witty sense of humor: to see why, visit during February, when the city holds its famous carnival.

A complete guide to Cadiz

After falling in love with Cadiz on my first visit, I just know it’s somewhere I’ll return to again and again.

And you should go, at least, once too…

The following section is the ultimate travel guide to the city. You can find all the information that you need to know to help you plan a wonderful time exploring this great town.

Here is a complete summary of all the guide:

1. When to visit Cadiz
2. How many days to spend in Cadiz
3. How to get to Cadiz
4. How to move around Cadiz
5. Cadiz hotels: where to stay in Cadiz
6. What to eat in Cadiz
7. What to do in Cadiz

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