The official Pamplona bullfight 2023 festival schedule

pamplona bullfight 2023

Did you miss the Pamplona bullfight 2023 festival? No worries! Here’s all the official information related to the bullfights that took place in Pamplona in 2023.

The Pamplona bullfights took place from July 5th to July 14th, 2023.

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Images of the Pamplona bullfight 2023 festival showcase the excitement and energy that envelop the city during this historic event, highlighting why it continues to attract such a large international audience year after year.

What happened during the Pamplona bullfight 2023 festival

Every year, Pamplona’s annual 9-day Fiesta de San Fermín draws thousands of visitors for its famous events, including the iconic running of the bulls.

The festival begins with massive crowds gathering in Pamplona’s town square for the chupinazo, a rocket launch that marks the start of the celebrations. Throughout the festival, attendees enjoy a variety of events such as a carnival, fireworks, the running of the bulls, and numerous bullfights.

This year, approximately a million spectators have flocked to Pamplona for the running of the bulls, a tradition dating back to the early 14th century. Participants run in front of a small group of bulls through the city streets, culminating in bullfights where the bulls face matadors in a fight to the death.

Tickets for the Pamplona bullfights are highly sought after. Season tickets are sold almost exclusively to city residents and sell out well in advance. Only 1,000 tickets per day are available to the general public, leading to a thriving secondary market where these tickets are resold at much higher prices.

Official Pamplona bullfight 2023 festival schedule

Here is the complete list with all the corridas and novilladas of the Pamplona bullfight 2023 festival schedule.

Date & TimeEvent & TorerosType & Bulls
July, 5th
Christian Parejo, Marcos Linares, Cristiano TorresNovillada
July, 6th
Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Roberto Armendáriz, Guillermo Hermoso de MendozaRejones
El Capea
July, 7th
Rafaelillo, Manuel Escribano, Leo ValadezToros
La Palmosilla
July, 8th
Fernando Robleño, Juan del Álamo, Borja JiménezToros
José Escolar Gil
July, 9th
Adrián Torres, Román, Isaac FonsecaToros
Hdros. de D. José Cebada Gago
July, 10th
Miguel Ángel Perera, Daniel Luque, Ginés MarínToros
Fuente Ymbro
July, 11th
Morante de la Puebla, Alejandro Talavante, Roca ReyToros
Núñez del Cuvillo
July, 12th
Antonio Ferrera, El Juli, CayetanoToros
July, 13th
Emilio de Justo, Roca Rey, Tomás RufoToros
Victoriano del Río
July, 14th
Rubén Pinar, Juan Leal, Jesús Enrique ColomboToros

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Getting Pamplona bullfight tickets can be a challenging task because season tickets are sold out well in advance and only available to local Pamplona residents.

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  • Paying a (high) premium for either the Sol (sun) side or Sombra (shade) area of the stadium.
  • Ending up with counterfeit bullfighting tickets, so be cautious when purchasing from third-party sources around the bullring.

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