Key Spain facts and practical travel information

spain facts

Discover some key Spain facts to have a first glance of the country. By reading some practical information on your next destination you’ll get an idea of what you’ll find once you get here.

If this is your first time in Spain, I am sure you are eager to know…

Am I wrong?

Well, that’s a lot of useful information. But visiting a country is much more than that.

Learning about a country’s customs and culture can help you go through sometimes-challenging foreign waters, without leading to embarrassing faux pas. Most tourists rarely get beyond the superficial “awe” factor when they experience a different culture; understanding the culture provides a far more enriching, deeper experience.

So let me help you prepare your trip providing some additional context. There’s nothing worse than feeling like an outsider!

Key Spain facts

Would you like to know the most interesting facts on Spain? How many people live here? What’s the different regions’ name? How are the electric plugs?

You’ll find loads of practical information that provides extra insight on the culture and history of the country.

Additionally, there is a section with some curiosities as well.

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Spanish facts on culture and social customs

All countries have their own particular social customs and Spain is no exception.

Discovering Spain is also absorbing its culture and its tradition through the history and traditional customs which identifies the country in an authentic way. There are several myths and misconceptions about Spain, and some travelers only have a hazy idea of the history of flamenco, how to order the right drink at the perfect time, or why we do everything late.

So do your homework before travelling around Spain.

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History of Spain

The history of Spain spans more than 3,000 years and during this time it has crossed paths with literally dozens of civilizations. History has washed over the country, adding an architectural backdrop that varies from one region to another, dependent on their occupation by Romans, Visigoths or Moors, or on their role in the medieval Christian Reconquest or in the later Golden Age of imperial Renaissance Spain.

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Spanish currency

You might know that the Spanish currency is the Euro (€). But did you know that this same currency can be also used in many European countries?

Banking abroad involves much more preparation than just putting your card in an ATM. When you travel overseas, you will be exposed to paying bank fees, foreign transaction charges, and different exchange rates. Here are some tips and trick I use to reduce my bank fees when I travel overseas.

Moreover, you will find a currency converter allowing you to know the exchange rate between the Euro and your currency.

Is it better to exchange money at home or in Spain? How hard is it to find an ATM? All the answers are in this section.

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