Complete guide to feel flamenco: Spain tablaos and other venues

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Where can you see flamenco? Spain is the cradle of this passionate and amazing art form. As result, the offer of flamenco is endless and you can choose among many options where flamenco dancing and singing are beautifully performed.

Depending on the region or city in Spain you plan to visit, you can always find lots of spectacles and shows going on.

You can experience the authenticity of flamenco in large tablaos where glamour and luxury are very present – they are upscale places.

Or you can go for a smaller, more intimate and traditional venue. Here, young local artists perform nightly in the main patio, in old but restored houses that were once a palace.

In some destinations flamenco seems to be everywhere: in bars, from open windows in summertime or being performed out of the blue. Artists range from unknown young talents to internationally renowned ones, and the passion and sentiment are always present.

You’re in Spain… Live a little and find out what the flamenco fuss is all about!

Where to see flamenco: Spain destinations

Where are you travelling to? What destinations do you plan to visit during your trip?

Here are your best options to see an authentic flamenco show in…

The different venues where you can see a flamenco show

There are 3 different types of venues where you can go and see a flamenco show.

A complete show in a tablao flamenco

Tablaos offer a very professional show, where you can get to see the 3 forms of flamenco expression: singing, dancing and playing the guitar. In addition to this, every show has a great choreography allowing you to enjoy different palos. Besides the quality of the artists, the dresses and the set up are excellent.

Tablaos are ideal for those inexperienced spectators that are willing to have a first approach to an espectáculo flamenco. If you are looking for a professional performance where you can enjoy cante, baile and toque, you should definitely go to a tablao.

Authentic flamenco shows in small venues

You can experience an authentic flamenco show in smaller locales and events where, generally, the majority of the audience will be local. For obvious reasons, the group of people performing will also be smaller and you may only have the chance to see artists singing, or playing the guitar, without bailaores involved.

These places are a little bit off the beaten path, and are much spectacular than what you can experience at a tablao. However, the intimate atmosphere, the reduced audience and the charming venues will provide a moment you won’t forget soon after. The images and sounds will remain deep in your soul.

Improvisation at a flamenco bar

If you consider yourself a flamenco expert or you are looking for the ultimate experience, head to a bar flamenco. The atmosphere will be incredibly intimate because these are places where only locals go.

Don’t expect to find anyone wearing a traditional dress or any professional flamenco dancing performance. Art here is spontaneous and most of the nights you’ll only watch cantaores or tocaores.

Contrary to tablaos, shows at bares flamencos rely almost entirely on improvisation. Sometimes even a person from the audience may stand up and sing!

This article is part of a complete tutorial about flamenco in Spain where you can read all the information you need to enjoy this typical Andalusian folklore.

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