How to get to Cadiz

how to get to cadiz

How to get to Cadiz? Well, you can to get to Cadiz using different means of transportation.

Cadiz is in Andalusia, in the south of Spain, 650 km north of Madrid and 120 km south of Seville. Cadiz is very well communicated with both Madrid and Seville by road and by train as well.

If your visit to Cadiz is part of a longer itinerary through Spain, note that Cadiz is an great day trip from Seville.

You will find next an outline of the main means of transportation that will take you to Cadiz.

Getting to Cadiz by train

Spain has a large rail network and it is very easy to get to Cadiz by train from Seville.

Your best option to reach Cadiz by train is the Spanish moderate-speed train, known as Media Distancia, operated by Renfe. On top of it, you can easily purchase your train tickets online.

If you depart from Seville’s Santa Justa train station, the travel time is around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The train station of Cadiz is called Estación de Cádiz. It is located opposite the harbor, near the city center.

There is no luggage storage at the Cadiz train station.

If you want to know more about Media Distancia trains, an extremely comfortable and reliable means of transportation, we suggest you to read A Complete Guide About Train Travel In Spain.

How to get to Cadiz by bus

Spain has a dense network of long-distance buses linking its main cities. Buses are an option for those on a low budget, although the travel times involved are considerable higher than the plane or the train.

The travel time between Seville and Cadiz is around 1 hour and 45 minutes. The buses leave Seville from the Estación Plaza de Armas and you can easily purchase your bus tickets online.

Always compare the price of a bus ticket with the price of a train ticket.

The bus station of Cadiz is called Estación de Autobuses de Cádiz. It is located next to the train station, near the city center. There is no luggage storage at the station.

Getting to Cadiz by car

On the section How to move around Cadiz we explain why having a car in Cadiz is not a good idea.

But then, you might be renting a car as part of a wider trip taking you to other destinations in Andalusia and elsewhere in Spain. If that is the case, bear in mind your car will not be of any use in Cadiz.

If you are spending the night in Cadiz, our best advice is for you to choose a hotel providing a car park where you can leave your vehicle during the duration of your stay in Cadiz (for more information, read Where to stay in Cadiz).

Also be aware that the city hall operates many traffic restrictions in the city center. To avoid a fine, inform your hotel of your arrival so that it can ensure that your car is not fined.

If you are just going to spend the day in the city, we recommend that you use a parking lot to leave your car. We advise you not leave valuables inside the vehicle.

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