The official 2024 Pamplona bullfight festival schedule

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Each Pamplona bullfight is one of the most iconic parts of the San Fermín Festival, attracting the best bulls and most esteemed matadores from around Spain.

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When do the 2024 Pamplona bullfight festival takes place?

San Fermín 2024 takes place from July 6th to July 14th.

  1. The festivities officially start on July 6th with the inaugural rocket launch (chupinazo) from the Town Hall balcony at 12:00, marking the official start of the fiesta.
  2. The Running of the Bulls event (encierro) is scheduled to occur daily from July 7th to July 14th, with the first running taking place on July 7th at 8:00.
  3. The bullfights take place in the city’s bullring from July 6th to July 14th.

Most visitors to Pamplona know all about the human sea of red and white during the festival’s opening (also called El Chupinazo), the running of the bulls every morning, and the week-long party that takes place in the city’s cobblestone streets.

But most people are not aware of the key role that bullfighting plays in the San Fermín festival. As a matter of fact this spectacle is meant to be a celebration of the bull’s strength and passion. That’s how locals view it in Pamplona.

The bullfighter’s job is not to kill the animal but to show its courage and plead for his freedom at the end of the ritual.

And in Pamplona bullfighting is intrinsically linked to the spirit of the celebrations.

That’s why all those bulls that run in the old town end up being part of a Pamplona bullfight.

Attend a Spanish bullfight in Pamplona

At the impressive Plaza de Toros Monumental, the grandiose Pamplona bullfighting arena, a series of 10 bullfights take place every evening during the festival. Envision yourself seated amidst almost 20,000 enthusiastic aficionados, immersed in Spain’s third-largest bullring, witnessing a timeless clash of athleticism between man and beast.

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Official 2024 Pamplona bullfight festival schedule

The San Fermín festival is the most important event of the city’s bullfighting schedule.

  1. First, there’s a novice bullfight (novillada in Spanish) between younger bulls and bullfighters who are not fully trained on July 5th.
  2. Then, the day after (July 6th), features bullfighters on horses. This type of bullfight is known as rejoneo in Spanish.
  3. Finally, from July 7th to July 14th you can experience a Pamplona bullfight in full swing – the bulls that run in the old town early in the morning are then fought in the bullring in the afternoon.

Here is the complete list with all the corridas and novilladas of the 2024 Pamplona bullfight festival schedule.

Date & TimeEvent & TorerosType & Bulls
July, 5th
Jarocho, Alejandro Chicharro, Samuel NavalónNovillada
Pincha de Lodosa
July, 6th
Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Roberto Armendáriz, Guillermo Hermoso de MendozaRejones
Carmen Lorenzo
July, 7th
Diego Urdiales, Fernando Adrián, Borja JiménezToros
La Palmosilla
July, 8th
Juan Leal, Román, Isaac FonsecaToros
Hdros. de D. José Cebada Gago
July, 9th
Sebastián Castella, Emilio de Justo, Ginés MarínToros
Victoriano del Río
July, 10th
Miguel Ángel Perera, Roca Rey, Tomás RufoToros
Fuente Ymbro
July, 11th
Alejandro Talavante, Daniel Luque, Juan OrtegaToros
Domingo Hernández
July, 12th
Morante de la Puebla, Cayetano Rivera, Roca ReyToros
July, 13th
Rafaelillo, Gómez del Pilar, Juan de CastillaToros
José Escolar Gil
July, 14th
Antonio Ferrera, Manuel Escribano, Jesús Enrique ColomboToros

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If two events symbolize the San Fermín festival, it’s the running of the bulls and daily bullfights. The Pamplona bullfights have taken place for more than 500 years, and feature renowned matadors who duel with bulls from the most prestigious breeders.

Only local residents have access to season passes, which means that Pamplona bullfight tickets are in limited supply.

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