Best mid-range hotels in Cordoba

mid-range hotels in cordoba

What are the best mid-range hotels in Cordoba? The city is not particularly expensive (at least to European standards), so you won’t need to look hard in order to find a number of wallet-friendly options.

So here are the good news! There are actually plenty of brilliant cheap hotels tucked away amidst the Cordoba’s streets, just a stone’s throw away from major attractions.

Whether seeking out history, culture or the foodie scene, these 5 Cordoba mid-range hotels will help you stick to your travel budget.

My top 5 mid-range hotels in Cordoba

Hotel Viento10: The hotel sits on a quiet street just east of Cordoba’s historic core and occupies what was very probably a 15th century hospital, set around a revamped cordobés courtyard. All the rooms combine bright color schemes with smooth wooden floors and white or cream furnishings. That being said, the 8 rooms are similar in concept but each has its own style and they vary in size.

Cordoba Carpe Diem: This quaint and lovely hotel has an outstanding location in the center of the city. The rooms are modern and basic but fully functional facilities. The added bonus here is the rooftop terrace – a relaxing corner where you can chill out after a day of walking and sightseeing (and have a drink thanks to the self-service bar!).

Hotel Boutique Caireles: Chances are you’re here to visit Cordoba’s magical Mezquita, for which Caireles offers the perfect location: directly opposite the mosque’s north wall, minaret and main entrance. The hotel occupies a revamped whitewashed townhouse done up in a soft and elegant palette of greys, whites and reds. Rooms and common spaces alike go for minimalist, stripped-back contemporary decoration and out of the 9 rooms, 7 enjoy some nice views…

Soho Boutique Atalia: Located in the Old Quarter, the hotel is set back a good distance from the street on a gated patio making for a quiet location yet it’s only a 2-minute walk to the Mezquita. In addition to this, it features a nice rooftop terrace where you sit on and relax after a long day exploring the city. ‘Boutique’ is definitely appropriate for this small, chic and stylish hotel.

Hotel Casa De Los Azulejos: The premises backs onto bustling Plaza de la Corredera, so the location is handy for everything without being right in the middle of the tourist scene. It’s set around a dreamy, classically cordobés patio, with elaborate Andalusian tiles all over the walls and a tinkling fountain. The 9 comfortable and uncluttered rooms differ in size and decor, and are split between the courtyard and the first floor.

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