The top 3 Mezquita tours in Cordoba

mezquita tours

Mezquita tours in Cordoba are the best way to experience this great mosque that stands as one of the earliest and greatest monuments of Islamic Spain. Still remarkably well preserved, the mosque’s art and architecture tells the story of early Al-Andalus.

The great mosque was built from 785-988 by the Umayyads. Even after the Umayyads had fallen, the Mezquita survived to shape the consciousness of subsequent Islamic empires for another 700 years. Today, it’s the main highlight in the city of Cordoba.

Access to the Mezquita is strictly limited to a certain number of visitors each day. For this reason advance bookings are strongly recommended.

If you want to experience a complete visit and not miss a detail while skipping the lines and have a guide for your self, here are the best Mezquita tours.

Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba guided tour with priority access ticket

Explore the great Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba (Mezquita) on this 1-hour walking tour, led by a professional local English speaking guide.

This tour guarantees you’ll have a Mezquita ticket (avoiding you to have to wait in line to get yours) and allows you to visit UNESCO-listed Mezquita de Cordoba with minimum fuss.

Once the tour is over, you will have time to explore the Mezquita for as long as you want. That way you enjoy the tour and listen to what the tour guide has to say, and then you can take pictures and come back to explore the most interesting areas on our own.

Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba guided tour with priority access ticket »

Mosque-Cathedral, Alcazar & Synagogue with skip the line tickets

Embark on a 2-hour guided tour of classic Cordoba, one of the most interesting and must see locations in Andalucía. Make the most out of your time in Cordoba while visiting the incredible mosque, the synagogue and Jewish Quarter.

After meeting-up with your guide at noon, the tour will start with the majestic Mezquita, a spectacular landmark of the Caliphate period. After this wonderful experience, you will visit the city’s marvelous Jewish Quarter, full of life and charming streets. Finally, you will visit the secluded synagogue, one of the few that remain in Spain.

Mosque-Cathedral, Alcazar & Synagogue with skip the line tickets »

Private walking tour of Cordoba (including the Mezquita)

Enjoy this completely private 2 or 3-hour walking tour of Cordoba and admire its most important monuments and sights. And the best thing is that you can personalize your own experience and choose to visit sites like the Mezquita, the Puente Romano (Roman Bridge), the Alcázar and much more.

Enjoy this private walking tour with your own guide and explore the best representation of artistic, cultural and scientific development reached Al-Andalus in its last period. That’s why the Mezquita is still nowadays a claim for thousands of travelers from all over the world to visit Cordoba.

On top of it, booking a guided tour improves the experience to understand the history and art on the site, especially if you are unfamiliar with Spanish history.

Private walking tour of Cordoba (including the Mezquita) »

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