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Category Archives for Cordoba

How many days to spend in Cordoba

How many days to spend in Cordoba? Planning your time in Cordoba should be one of your first priorities once you have decided that you want to visit this beautiful city.


When to visit Cordoba

When to visit Cordoba? Are you ready to choose the dates of your trip to Cordoba? Let us guide you with some helpful advice on the weather and when to visit the city.


Best hostels in Cordoba

What are the best hostels in Cordoba? Searching for the perfect hostel can be a bit overwhelming, especially when there are so many to choose from. Below is the ultimate list of my top 3 hostels in Cordoba: you won’t need to search anywhere else!


Best budget hotels in Cordoba

Looking for the best budget hotels in Cordoba? If you crave for the comfort and privacy of a hotel room, close to Cordoba’s top tapas bars and attractions, you can spend hours searching through deals. So I’ve compiled a list of the best and cheapest hotels in the city.


Best mid-range hotels in Cordoba

What are the best mid-range hotels in Cordoba? The city is not particularly expensive (at least to European standards), so you won’t need to look hard in order to find a number of wallet-friendly options.


Holiday properties in Cordoba

What are the best holiday properties in Cordoba? If you prefer a slower, less jam-packed approach to a couple of days in Cordoba then renting an apartment should be your first option.


Best boutique hotels in Cordoba

This guide will help you find the best boutique hotels in Cordoba. Thanks to it, you will find the most charming and romantic hotels in Cordoba so you can feel the magic and enchantment of history on every corner you take.


Best luxury hotels in Cordoba

What are the best luxury hotels in Cordoba? This is an expert guide to the best hotels in Cordoba’s old town, including the top places for rooftop terraces, swimming pools, romantic rooms, and gorgeous views of the Mezquita of course.


The best places to stay in Cordoba

What are the best places to stay in Cordoba? Because the city is known for a lot of things. If you plan to visit this wonderful and historic destination, you will experience unique cultural attractions and sights, and a vibrant nightlife.