Renfe train tickets: price structure

Are you considering purchasing Renfe train tickets? Price structure of the ticket may be quite challenging if you aren’t familiar with Renfe’s rules.

If you have tried to purchase your train tickets using Renfe’s website, you may have noticed that it’s not the easiest experience on the net.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you purchase your Renfe train tickets online.

Unfortunately, the same can be said for all Renfe train tickets. The price structure is a bit complicated and it’s related to the different classes that you can find on the Spanish trains. That’s why after helping hundreds of readers, I decided to come up with this explanation of the Renfe train tickets price structure.


Renfe train tickets: price structure

Renfe offers Básico, Elige (Estándar or Confort) and Prémium tickets. Remember that you will get the best deal if you buy your ticket in advance.

Here is the explanation for each of them.



It’s the cheapest fare. When purchasing a Básico ticket will travel in a Standard seat (Estándar). This type of ticket does not accept changes or cancellations. Moreover, it does not accept add-ons associated with changes or refunds, changes in the ticket holder and missed trains.



It allows you to configure every aspect of your trip, so that you can adapt it to what you need, including the type of seat on which you wish to travel. The first change is free of charge (all other changes will incur in a charge of 10€) and you will be refunded for 70% of the ticket amount in case of cancellation. If something comes up and you miss your train, you will be able to change your ticket to travel on the next one paying a charge of 30% for the new ticket.

  • Elige Estándar. In this case, you’ll travel in a Standard seat (Estándar).
  • Elige Confort. In this case, you’ll travel in a XL Comfort seat (Confort).



It includes:

  • Traveling in a XL Confort seat.
  • Unlimited free changes. You can make all the changes you need up to the date and time of departure without any additional charges. You’ll only be asked to pay for the difference in price with the new ticket, if any.
  • Advance or delay your departure on the same day of the trip, with no additional change fees and without having to pay for any difference in price
  • Full refund. You can cancel your ticket up to 7 calendar days before the date of departure and you will receive 100% of the ticket amount, or 95% if it is cancelled within 6 days of departure
  • Free change the holder of your ticket.
  • Free ticket change if you miss your train.
  • Free seat selection.
  • Enjoy in-seat food and drinks.


Renfe train tickets: combining tariffs

Renfe allows you to combine different tariffs for a return ticket.

For example, you could do the outward trip in Básico and the return one in Prémium. Or you could pick an outward Elige Stándard rate and a Elige Confort on the return ticket.


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