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Immerse yourself in local culture and take flamenco lessons in Spain!

Unsurprisingly flamenco lessons have become very popular in Spain. They are a perfect way to connect with the dancing culture of a country famous for being the origin of flamenco.

You can book your flamenco lessons in:


You should definitely take some flamenco lessons while in Spain

An afternoon spent at a flamenco class will be a memorable experience that will enhance your visit to the cradle of flamenco. Without a doubt it will inspire you to show off to impress your friends when you’re back at home.

If a couple of hours are is not enough, you can choose to book a whole day or even longer periods… The possibilities are endless depending on your availability and how long you are in Spain!

These flamenco lessons have been selected after months researching and contacting dozens of schools here in Spain. The classes include many options – from private lessons to group classes at the school.

But don’t be afraid to suggest other interests you may have, or ask any question before taking the leap.


Why should you attend a flamenco class?

It’s amazing to see the before and after effect this flamenco lessons will have on you.

More than learning how to dance flamenco, during this class you will start feeling what flamenco is. And all these emotions will arise as you learn the basic movements essential to the dance – you body posture, how to position feet, the arms and hands movements, your facial gestures…

Are you a newbie? You don’t have any sense of rhythm? It doesn’t matter. This flamenco class is about finding and creating your own bond with the rhythm.

You don’t need any previous knowledge of flamenco.


What to expect in your flamenco lessons

This course is suitable for every one: absolute beginners, those who have taken some beginners’ flamenco lessons or those who have a lot of flamenco experience. Either way, the teacher will support you and tailor the class to your needs.

Your teacher will guide you step by step to practice a routine while improving your performance and technique. And, of course, you will receive friendly feedback throughout so that you don’t miss anything.

You will be instantly immersed in the passion and drama of flamenco!


Some practical information on your flamenco courses

Do you need any special material for the lesson?

All you need is a pair of shoes that hold your feet properly, so as to avoid possible injuries when doing the zapateao. A pair of sneakers should be enough. Please, don’t wear sandals because your feet would not be held tightly and you might get hurt.

During the lesson you are going to be moving about and you are likely to sweat (especially in the summer). So it’s best if you bring comfortable clothes to enjoy this activity to the max.

Will you learn to dance flamenco after this lesson?

During this lesson you will get basic notions of flamenco. More precisely, you will learn how to make a basic zapateao, basic palmas (hand clapping) and some arm movements.

It takes many (many) years to learn and master flamenco. Professional flamenco dancers have typically received 10+ years of continuous training… And, even so, they keep learning and training all the time.