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Barcelona Pass: The Best Attraction City Card

The Barcelona Pass is a a tourist and cultural passport to help you to discover Barcelona with an all-in package ticket entrance. The great thing about a city card is that it provides you with admission to top visitor attractions, so you’ll be saving money before you know it!


Destinations In Spain

What are the most attractive destinations in Spain? Yes, I’m talking about the ones that you definitely include in your travel planning.


What’s The Best Travel Insurance?

Choosing the best travel insurance is one of the most important things you’ll need for your trip. Would you have a car without car insurance? Would you be at home without home insurance? Obviously not, that’s why and you can’t organize a trip without travel insurance.


Advice On Street Safety In Spain

Contrary to other countries, safety in Spain is relatively high. You will rarely have any problem in the areas most people visit.


Spanish Weather: Plan And Pack Smartly

The Spanish weather is one of the main reasons the country receives so many visitors per year (50+ million). Northern Europeans travel to Spain looking for amazing beaches with supposedly guaranteed sun all day, every day. This is true in some regions but, as you can imagine Spain’s weather isn’t as simple as that.


How To Keep Cool? Avoid Sunstroke!

Please, make sure you that read the following tips on how to keep cool especially if you are travelling with children.


Spanish Climate And Weather

The Spanish climate varies throughout the different regions of the country. In the north (particularly the coast) temperatures are mild almost all year round, with some cold winters and the landscape can be quite green as it rains very often. On the other hand, in the South (mainly Andalucía) winters tend to be gentle whereas summers can get extremely hot.


Spain Weather Forecast

All the details of the Spain weather forecast can be found in the map below.


The Schengen Countries

Schengen Area Labelled Map

Dark blue: Schengen Area (EU)
Violet: Schengen Area (non-EU)
Light green: Set to implement later
Dark green: EU member states outside Schengen

The Schengen countries signed a treaty almost 20 years ago to ease the visitors entrance and exit flux between members. This measure was a cost reduction solution as well as an increasing security policy.


Schengen Tourist Visa: Can You Stay In Europe 90+ Days With It?

The Schengen Tourist Visa is the most popular option among foreigners to visit Europe. While many countries are excluded from travel visa obligations, there are still some restrictions that ALL visitors must respect once they enter the Schengen Area.