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What is tapas and other frequently asked questions

“What is tapas?” is probably one of the first questions you’ll have before travelling to Spain. The gastronomy is one of the most important aspects of Spanish – and Sevillian culture. If you want to truly experience this culture, you need to read more about what and why is food and wine one of country’s cultural pillars.


What are tapas?

“What are tapas?” You may ask yourself…

Whenever you think about Spain and its gastronomy, the first idea that comes to one’s mind is tapas. Just as you would think about pasta for Italy and curry for India, tapas are a synonym for Spain.


A brief history of tapas

The history of tapas is controversial. Even now, it is still uncertain what the origins of the tapas are and when it became a popular tradition. There are many versions although none of them have been really confirmed.